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A Secret to Finding Happiness


Would you believe me if I told you I found a verified way to bring happiness into your life? A recipe that works every time? It’s nothing new. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. But it’s something that has saved me in a lot of ways over the course of the last eleven months.

When Covey died, we experienced a flood of kindness and love that was extended towards us in the form of gifts (like this little angel pictured), kind messages, prayers, monetary donations, service, listening ears, and countless other ways, and ones that I’m sure I’m not even aware of. And we’ve continued to receive gifts and tender mercies that lift us up and brighten our days. Just recently, we had anonymous plants delivered to our home and on Mother’s Day a gift bag with flower bulbs was left at my son’s grave for me.

These gestures from the heart have brought me to my knees in humble gratitude. I’ve been shocked and overwhelmed by the love I have felt from friends, family, and strangers alike. All the thanks in the world couldn’t express my tender feelings towards all of these people.

So much love can be felt when we do kind things for other people. And it’s felt by both the giver and the receiver. Just days after losing Covey I happened to read this talk by Cheryl A. Esplin and the very last thing she said stood out to me so strongly:

“I testify to the reality of President Henry B. Eyring’s promise “that if [we’ll] use [our] gifts to serve someone else, [we’ll] feel the Lord’s love for that person. [We’ll] also feel his love for [us].”

Never at a time in my life did I need to feel the Lord’s love for me than I did at that moment, and I realized that this was a specific pattern that I could use to continue to draw that much needed love and happiness into my life. So I started looking for ways to do good things for other people. I delivered flowers, made things, reached out to people who were also hurting, sent gifts; I did whatever I could to share the love I’d felt.

People probably thought I was crazy, wondering why I’d be doing things for them when I was about swallowed up in my own grief. But that is how I survived.

Doing kind things for other people has helped me survive my grief. There is a power in the universe that repays us with happiness when we reach out in love and kindness to others. When we deliberately seek to make other people happy, we will find happiness ourselves. This works. It really does. It might not extinguish the sad or awful in our lives, but it will give us greater light to combat the dark with.

So if you are stuck in a dark place, go do something kind for someone else.

If you want to add to the joy you already have in your life, share that joy with someone else.

And if you really want to have some cool experiences, pray each day to know who you can reach out to and serve, because the Lord will send you on some awesome errands to lift those around you if you let him.

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