Hi there! My name’s Diane, and I’m a California girl by birth but currently reside in Texas. It’s only taken me about ten years to embrace the Texas way of life, but I do love it now! Just don’t tell my husband. He’s from Texas and thinks it’s the only true state in the Union, and we really don’t need to further fuel his state pride!

I spent my college days studying history at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. I won’t lie- it was an amazing place to go to school! And yes, I did take a hula class, and yes, I would go to the beach between classes.┬áMy husband and I met there a year before we graduated.

We have three amazing children together. Little did we know when we first started having kids, that I am carrier for a rare genetic mutation that causes Angelman Syndrome, and every child we have has a 50/50 chance of inheriting this mutation. Our oldest and youngest were born with it.

Life threw us another curve ball in 2016 when we lost our oldest son to a drowning accident. This unexpected tragedy changed our whole world and we are still trying to piece our lives back together.

I love God and this beautiful earth He has given to us, and this blog is for Him.